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Arielle + Anthony's Story

I was out to lunch with one of my best friends, MaKenna, and she was telling me how her boyfriend, Kyle, has friends going to visit him at his internship in California. She mentioned that her favorite friend of Kyle's was Anthony, and that we should start talking because we are both very similar, but we just haven't found the right person yet. I said why not, and had Kyle give Anthony my number. I didn't hear from Anthony for two weeks! I figured he just wasn't interested. Then, on my birthday, I got a text from an unknown number and instantly knew it was Anthony. We started talking non-stop, then met each other in person and hit it off right away. Then, Anthony decided to visit me before I went back to school at the University of Michigan, and we had our first date at the drive-in, seeing Grease. This was only the second time we had seen each other in person, but we decided that we should just go for it and start dating. After doing long distance for 10 months, a lot of phone calls, and 5 hour drives, we moved in together and adopted 2 cats!

A couple of years later, we went to Flora Gems to start looking at engagement rings. I knew I wanted an Oval diamond, but really didn't know what else I wanted or anything about diamonds. Anna was so helpful from start to finish. I tried on multiple rings and we talked about what I liked and didn't like about each one, she thoroughly explained the different options, and really listened to what I wanted. After trying on quite a few beautiful rings I still felt like I hadn't quite found the one. Then she went to find something that she thought I would love, and the second I tried it on, I knew that was the ring! She made the whole experience super fun and easy for us as a couple, and was always super responsive and helpful. We are so excited to work with her to pick out our wedding bands.

After we picked out an engagement ring, I thought Anthony was going to propose everywhere we went. We went to Mexico, but it didn't happen. We did a couples photoshoot, but it didn't happen. I knew he really wanted to surprise me, but I was starting to think that he hadn't even gotten the ring yet. Then, we booked a random trip to Disney World for the next week. At this point, I thought there was no way he was going to propose there. I should've known though because he was talking about how he was packing a nicer outfit and that we should take pictures in front of the castle first thing in the morning before we get all gross. So, that next morning we were taking pictures in front of the castle, and as the Disney photographer was finishing up taking our pictures, Anthony asked him if he could take a few more. I was very confused because we had already taken so many pictures and I was shocked that Anthony wanted to take more. Then, Anthony got down on one knee, started saying the sweetest things and asked me to marry him!! I was so shocked and felt so many different emotions of excitement and happiness, and it was so magical getting engaged at the beginning of our trip and being able to celebrate with each other at Disney World! We can't wait for our wedding in July 2023!

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