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Earth Mined Diamonds

The Natural Choice When It's Time to Shine.

Love the Classics?

Earth Mined Diamonds are just that—diamonds mined from the earth. And Flora Gems makes it easy to find the perfect one with a large, in-stock selection of conflict-free, certified diamonds in all shapes and sizes!

Rock Solid Diamond Warranty

Enroll in the Rock Solid Diamond Warranty Program when you buy an Earth Mined Diamond and setting from us, and it's guaranteed. This lifetime warranty is free and comes with some amazing perks like free maintenance and repairs, a permanent record of jewelry inspections, and so much more. Read more about our warranty.

GIA Certified

GIA, which stands for Gemological Institute of America, is known as the authority on diamonds. An independent, nonprofit organization, GIA conducts gem research, educates professionals, and sets the standards for determining diamond quality. In fact, GIA created the 4Cs (color, clarity, cut, carat weight), the scientific procedures for evaluating them, and the grading terminology to describe them.

High-Quality Diamonds Are Scarce

When you consider the 4Cs, the highest-quality diamonds take billions of years to form, which means they are not just sitting out in the open in a diamond mine. They are few and far between, and Flora wants to help you find that perfect diamond right here in Central Illinois.

Beautiful and Fascinating

You can't deny the fact that diamonds are amazing. The combination of time, heat, energy, and pressure they require to even exist is truly astounding. When you consider it takes volcanic activity to bring them within our reach, the process is extraordinary. Still not impressed? Diamonds are also formed by meteorite impacts, which is out of this world!

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We Can Help You Make the Natural Choice.

Show off your love with an Earth Mined Diamond from Flora Gems.